Visit Report Reviewer/Approver Cannot see Reports to Approve


This document describes the situation where a Visit Report Reviewer/Approver is unable to see any Visit Reports in the Study Management>Visit Report Review view.

There are two potential causes for this:

  1. All Users:  A current known issue
  2. Specific User:  Standard Study Staff setup

See cases below:

1  All Users: Current Known Issue:

Prior to 2016.4, CTMS has a known issue (MCC-187396) where the property settings are intermittently lost.

This issue impacts the site_visit_report.approverStudyTeamRoleList Property which blocks all Reviewers/Approvers from seeing any Visit Reports in the Study Management>Visit Report Review view..

If this is the case, it will impact ALL users at that point in time.
The Solution is to request your internal CTMS Administrator or User Support Team to refresh the Properties, or log a ticket with, requesting a Property refresh.


2 Specific User:  Standard Study Staff setup

In this instance, the problem will impact specific users, not all.


CTMS provides two paths to Review/Approve Visit Reports:

  1. Study Management>Visit Report Review
    This view is subject to the filter Rules described below and can fail.
  2. Study Management>Visit Report Review (Admin)
    This view is often suppressed by security as it bypassess the limits defined for the view above and displays all VRs regardless of settings.


The first menu path (Visit Report Review) filters the Reports that a user can see according to the following Rules:

  1. The user must be added to that Study as Internal Staff  (See the Study edit view and the [Internal Staff] link under the Study edit view)
  2. The user is assigned a Study Role (Not the same as security) for that Study
  3. Permission to see Visit Reports for that Study is set via the site_visit_report.approverStudyTeamRoleList property  in Back Office>Properties
  4. The Property values refer to the IntTeamRole dropdown that provides the Study Role Selection (See backoffice>Dropdowns)
    The default is value for this Property is "1" which usually refers to "Project Manager"


If a user cannot see Visit Reports to approve:

  1. Check if this impacts all users.
    If true, then see 1  All User: Current Known Issue above.
  2. Check same Study via Visit Report review(Admin) which will bypass the settings.  
    If you this works then check the following:
    1. Is the user assigned to that Study under Internal Staff?
    2. Is the user assigned a Study Role, the value of which corresponds to the the values set in the  site_visit_report.approverStudyTeamRoleList Property?
  3. If either of the above is not true, then assign the user to the Study and select an appropriate Study Role.


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