iMedidata: How Do I Activate My Account?


  • As a new user, my iMedidata account isn’t active and I can not work.


  1. Check your email for an email titled “You have been invited to join iMedidata”
    • NOTE: Make sure to check your spam folder if it isn’t showing up in your inbox
  2. Click on the link that says “Take me to iMedidata to activate my account.”
  3. Click on “New Account” option
  4. Complete your personal information on Create Account screen.
    • NOTE: Fields marked with an “*” are mandatory.
  5. Choose a password of your choice and type/confirm it in spaces provided
    • NOTE: To get a moderate or strong password, make sure to include a minimum of 8 characters, a digit, and an uppercase letter.
  6. Click on “Activate” button, which will take you to iMedidata login page
  7. Enter your account information (username and password)
  8. Review and accept the iMedidata Terms of Use 



Q: What if I forget my password in the future?

A: A password can always be reset as long as you have access to the email address associated with the iMedidata account. See THIS ARTICLE for steps on resetting your password.


Following these steps should solve your issue. If it hasn’t, please call our Help Desk.

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