Medical Imaging Clinical: Transfer Agent


  • I need help uploading/downloading images in Medidata Medical Imaging
  • I need to install the InteleGRID Transfer Agent



  1. To install the InteleGRID Transfer Agent, open this link:
  2. You will be asked whether you would like to save or run the installer. Select “Run”.
  3. Select “Yes” if you are asked to allow the installation.
  4.  After the installation is complete, go to

TIP: Transfer Agent is compatible only with Internet Explorer. Make sure you open the above link using IE.

5.Click the ‘Start Control Test’ button and allow the test to complete. If all tests pass, your PC is ready to upload images to the inteleGRID.

6.If any of the tests fail, the system will provide you with a resolution under the Info column, next to the failed test.

In case you are unable to perform the steps to resolve the issue, please capture a screenshot of the full control test results and call our Help Desk.

Q: I don’t seem to have permissions to install software on my computer. How do I get Transfer Agent installed in this case?

A: Your local IT will have the appropriate permissions to install the software for you.


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