RaveX: Why can’t I create a subject in RaveX?


As a Site User, I can’t add a subject in RaveX 2017.2.0.



Here is a checklist to help you triage your situation:

  • Has a Primary Investigator been assigned?
    • If yes, in order for ANY USER to add a subject, the Primary Investigator(s) must be valid, active, and have all eLearnings completed before any additional subjects can be added to the site by any role.
    • If no, assigning subjects should work. If you are finding that it’s still not working, please call our Help Desk.



Q: Where can the Primary Investigator find their elearnings?

A: Any user can find his eLearnings by logging into their iMedidata account and accessing the eLearning section in the Task Pane


Q:  Can I simply remove the Primary Investigator as a workaround to chasing them down to finding their eLearning?

A:  If you are using a RaveX version below 2017.2.0 you cannot, a Principal Investigator is needed before a subject can be created.


Q: What code versions are affected by this?

A: Versions below 2017.2.0. Starting with RaveX 2017.2.0, this requirement has been removed. 


Following these steps should solve your issue. If it hasn’t, please call our Help Desk.

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