Rave: I want to close / cancel a query


  • I want to close/cancel an automatic/manual query in Rave.
  • How do queries display in different stages of their lifecycle.



How to close/cancel manual query in Rave

In order to cancel a manual query, the following criteria should be met:

  1. The query does not require a response
  2. No response is entered to a query that requires oneHow_to_cancel_manual_query.png

3.Click Save. All changes will be reflected on the audit trial.

In order close a manual query:

Note: Only answered queries can be closed (queries that require answer). Unanswered query can only be canceled as per the section above.


Manual queries are being closed from subject level.

  1. Go to your Study > Site > Subject > and select the form/ folder the query has been opened within:
  2. Select close query from the drop-down
  3. Click Save
  • Note: You can also Re-Query by selecting the option from the drop-down. This will trigger an additional manual query to the existing one with “Requires Response” checkbox checked.

  4.You can leave it this way or uncheck it:


How to close system queries:

Usually the system queries are opened by Rave when certain data should be updated. The query indicates what required data is needed in order to close/ clear it. These queries are automatically closed whenever the updates are in place.

Depending on the system query, different types of responses may be required:

  • Data Change Only
  • Additional Response Required: requires that the user provide additional information in a text box displayed on the left side of the screen.


The system query could be marked as requiring response or not


  • If the system query does not require an answer, the text box will be grayed out and you will not be able to modify it.


  1. Correct the data that needs to be updated
  2. Click Save


If the system query does require an answer:  


  1. Click Edit (the pencil icon next to the response box)
  2. Complete any updates
  3. Click Save


Rave: How do queries display in different stages of their lifecycle

Below you can find all query status icons and their meaning in Rave:


Answered Query- A query has been raised and answered, but yet not closed or canceled.


Non-Conformant- This is a system query. It requires formatting update. When you get this icon it means that a specific format (ex. Date: YYYY-MM-DD etc.) is not entered as per the requirements of Rave EDC.


Query Open – States that there is a query opened and it requires actions. The respective field will be colored in pink/ red

A query has been answered and closed it will be still visible on the respective field, but the field will no longer will be colored in pink/ red:



Following these steps should solve your issue. If it hasn’t, please call our Help Desk.

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