My eLearning Course is Not Displaying Properly


  • My eLearning course does not launch
  • My training course is freezing/displaying a black screen/not responding/not displaying correctly



If your training course does not launch and you are stuck at the “You are starting an eLearning course. Do not navigate away from this page…” screen, the most likely reason for the issue is your browser’s pop-up blocker disabling the eLearning window that would normally display.

All eLearning courses are using Adobe Flash Player to play. Sometimes incompatible/old versions of Flash Player might cause problems and the course will not display properly. There are two ways of resolving this problem.

  1. Use a different browser, as each browser’s settings are different. Google Chrome normally utilizes the newest Flash Player versions and is less likely to require an update.
  2. Update your Flash Player version by following the steps below: 

a.Go to 

b.Uncheck the boxes against all optional offers in the middle section of the screen and click Install Now.1_eLearning_Troubleshooting.jpgc.Select Run at the prompt.

2_eLearning_Troubleshooting.jpgd.Complete the installation, then close and re-open your browser and try to run the eLearning course again.


Q: I don’t have permissions to install Flash Player on my computer. What should I do now?

A: You can contact your local IT. They will be able to install Flash Player for you.

Following these steps should solve your issue. If it hasn’t, please call our Help Desk.


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