Medidata Medical Imaging Global Helpdesk Announcement

Coming Soon:

  • On February 5, 2018, Medidata Medical Imaging daytime help will transition over to our 24x7 Global Helpdesk.
  • By February 28th, our Cincinnati Team will take the role of second level support.

How does this affect me?

  • You can call our 24x7 Global Helpdesk (US - 1-866-MEDIDATA) to get immediate help, or you can email This email will remain active, even after the transition is complete on February 28th.
  • FYI - You can find our Global Helpdesk information in Help Center at any time by viewing this article.

How is the Global Helpdesk different?

  • We have put together an article to help you have a seamless transition to our Global Helpdesk. You can read it here.


Q: How will this transition affect my service? I’m very comfortable with the Cincinnati Team.

A: Rest assured that the Cincinnati Team is overseeing this transition. Your issues will continue to be triaged by experts.


Q: Are there any self-help articles I can use for Medidata Medical Imaging?

A: Yes! You can view self-help articles for Clinical Trials and Hospital Solutions in Help Center.

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