Customer Help Center Quick Guide

Customer Help Center Quick Guide

Access Help Center

Open Help Center

  • Access iMedidata
  • Select the drop-down arrow next to Help located in the upper right.
  • Select Create Support Ticket.

Features Overview

Access Home

Select the Medidata logo to reach Home:

Submit a Request

Select to Open a Ticket.

My Activities

Lists Tickets opened by the Customer and enables display of Ticket details.

Contact Support by Phone or Email

Enables Customer to escalate the Ticket.


The Help Center Search is a full-site search.


For example, if you launch a search from the Helpful Tips window, the Help Center reviews all entries for the string, not just the entries within the category of the page from which the Search was launched.

Platform Documentation

Displays Release Notes articles and links to complete Release Notes.

If you would like to view the release notes in Japanese:

Click on "Japanese" in the language drop-down near the title of the Release Notes in Confluence

Helpful Tips

Displays a list of Deflection Articles; Customers can review these to see if the issue they encountered is already known to Medidata so they can refrain from opening a repetitious Ticket.

Service Alerts 

Displayed in a red-bordered box on Home informing Customers of important information such as an outage, service return, or impending release; most of the time Help Center will not have a Service Alert displayed.


Displays a list of articles containing generally new items of general interest to Customers such as a new Release or feature.

Frequently Requested

This is a list of articles from any categories that were marked ‘promoted’ to bring them to Customers’ attention.

Knowledge Base

Provides access to Medidata Known Issues articles.




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