Using CC on Submit a Request (Ticket)

Signed in end-users (via iMedidata) can now add CC’s to requests they submit via the Help Center ticket form.



Q: What happens when the request is submitted with CCs?

A: Once the request is submitted the behaviour of CCs submitted via the web ticket form on Help Center is identical to the current behaviour of CCs submitted via email. CC'd users will be notified and can sign in to participate in the ticket comments. CC recipients will receive a copy of a notification email when the ticket is created, and then every time the ticket is updated with a public reply.


Q: Is “auto-complete” enabled?

A: That feature is not available. Please make sure to type in your CCs carefully. Help Center will notify you if there is a problem with the format of the email address you typed in (such as forgetting the “@” or “.com”), but will not let you know if you spelled the address wrong.


Q: Is this the only way to add a CC to a ticket?

A: You may still add CCs via email.

If you have any questions about using the CC feature, please reach out to your TAM for a demo, or contact our Help Desk.


Q: What if a person who is CC'd doesn't have an account?

A: Upon being CC'd they are sent a Welcome Email inviting them to verify their account and setup a password. 


Q: How can I remove myself from a ticket?

A: Simply ask within the ticket that the agent remove you. Currently, that is the only way to be removed once you are CC'd.

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