Accessing eLearning and Medidata Rave


Medidata Rave eLearning is a training course integrated within the Rave application. Access to eLearning is granted when your account is created in the Medidata Rave system.

To access eLearning:

1. Once an account is activated, the eLearning start page will open.

2. Click the Start button or the name of the course to begin the eLearning module

3. The Welcome screen opens with voice instruction.

Note: If you log off of Rave prior to completing the eLearning course, eLearning will start up at the next Rave login.

4. Click the Start Course button on the Welcome Page. This will display the Module options:

5. At the completion of the course, you will take a Post Assessment module. Upon completion of the Post Assessment module, the Post Assessment Results page will display.

Note: You must receive a post assessment score of 80% or higher to obtain access to your assigned Study and/or Sites in Rave.

It is recommended that you do not re-take the assessment once you have passed with a score of 80% or higher. Doing so may erase the passing score that has already been obtained.

6. At the successful completion of the post assessment, you will need to exit the course.



Upon successful completion of eLearning, you must electronically sign your training record in order to access your study and/or site in Rave and obtain your eLearning certificate.

To electronically sign a training record:

1. From the Post Assement module, return to the Rave Home page.

Note: Skipping this step will prevent access to Rave, even if a passing score has been obtained.

2. Enter the required information in order to sign off the course.

Note: The system may require password, username and password, etc.

Note: You may need to scroll down to find the eSignature section.

3. Enter the required information for eSignature and click the Sign button.

4. When the needed information is entered, you will be directed to your Study/Site page in Rave.



To download your training certificate, you should click on the My Profile button in Rave.

Then click on the eLearning link where the Training Certificate can be downloaded by clicking on the PDF icon below the Certificate field

Common troubleshooting guidelines:

1. E-learning module opens in a Pop-up window. Your Internet browser Pop-up blocker needs to be turned off so the window loads. If you click on the Start button and the Pop-up window does not open, please follow the steps below to turn the blocker off: From the Tools drop- down menu of your browser select Pop-up Blocker and choose Turn Off Pop-up Blocker.

2. E-learning module requires Adobe Flash Player version above 10.x.xx.xx. If the e-learning freezes or does not completely load this may be due to your Flash Player.

The below URL will display the version of the Adobe Flash Player that you have installed on your PC. It is displayed near the top in a box titled Version information:

The below URL will upgrade your Adobe Flash Player to the latest version (11.x.xx.xx):

3. If the e-Learning screen shows 100% complete, but the e-Learning doesn't launch, please try and disconnect from any VPN connection and/or disable the local firewall. If possible, please try access the e-learning on another computer out of your current network.

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