Uploading Images (ActiveX Uploader)

If you are using ActiveX to launch the Transfer Agent (installed on your PC), follow the process below to upload images.  See the "Uploading Medical Images (Java Uploader)" if you are using Java to launch the Transfer Agent.

1. Place the CD or DVD containing the DICOM images in your CD/DVD drive.

2. Select the Subject.

3. Select the Visit.

4. Click the 'Upload Exams' link next to the requirement that you would like to upload.


NOTE: Requirements that are shaded red must be uploaded in order to mark a visit complete.  If you are uploading the final requirement for a visit, you will be asked if you would like to have the system auto-submit your visit upon successful completion of the upload.  If you would like to do this, enter your password in the pop-up box and click ‘Ok’.  If you would like to wait and submit later, select ‘No’ (see Submitting a Visit article).

5. Click the 'Find Image Files' button.

6. Click on your CD-ROM drive and click 'OK'.

7. The Transfer Agent will scan your CD for DICOM images.

8. The images found on your CD will be displayed.

9. Select the images you would like to submit (if they are not already checked).

10. Click the ‘Send Images Now’ button.

NOTE:  The images will upload in the background.  Click the link to reload the page.  The images/documents that have been submitted will be shaded green.  The images/documents that still need to be submitted will be shaded red. Open the ‘InteleGRID – Uploader’ window from your taskbar to check on the status of any uploads.

IMPORTANT:  Any DICOM header data containing PHI will be anonymized during the upload process. 


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