Form Types

The InteleGRID supports multiple types of forms. Each type of form described below dictates where in the workflow process or configuration the form may appear.

1. Task Forms

Task forms are forms that only can appear as part of a workflow where a task is generated. An example would be a form asking a user to complete a set of measurements on an image. You would create the form and add the associated fields. The form type would be set to 'Task Form'. Next, the form would be associated with the worklist for the workflow you have configured.


2. InteleSEND Forms

InteleSEND forms only appear when the user is submitting a case using InteleSEND.


3. Case Forms

Case Forms are forms that are available on a case at any time; however, are not required during case creating or submission. These form types are also not required during the completion of a task. These are generally used when the completion of the form is not required.


4. Case Create Forms

Every Initiative has a Case Create Form. This is the Form that appears when a User creates a new Case for that initiative. The default fields for the Case Create Form are:

                -  First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth
5. Requirement Forms
For certain types of initiatives that involve workflow, you can designate Requirement Forms that must be completed before a User submits the Case through the workflow.
6. Hidden Forms
A Hidden Form is used to collect Initiative data for reporting purposes that may not have a direct impact on individual Cases e.g. the number of tasks that have been assigned to a reviewer or data from an outside system.  
Creating a Hidden Form allows you to customize the data fields that are available in a single report.
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