Participant User Guide

Accepting Your Invitation and Configuring Your Account

You will be notified via email that you were invited to participate in an initiative or that you were added to a group which is participating in an initiative. To configure your InteleGRID account, follow the below instructions:

  • Check your email and click 'View Invite'.
  • You will be brought to a new web page to accept the invitation.  
  • Once you accept the invitation you will fill in your name and create a password.
  • Please note, password requirements are: between 6-30 characters, contain an uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, and one symbol.
  • Once you have configured your password you will be logged into InteleGRID.


Downloading & Installing the Director

Now that you are an active participant on the InteleGRID, you can install the Director service.  The Director is a small Windows service which acts as a DICOM destination allowing your site you push images directly from your PACS/Modality to the host initiative.  To review technical requirements for the Director click here.  To install the Director service, follow the below instructions:

  • Click on 'Configuration'->'Integration Options'
  • In the Director section, click 'Actions'->'Install a Director'
  • Give the Director a name, set the group who can manage the Director, describe the Director and click 'Next'.
  • Set the port which you would like to use for internal DICOM transfers.  Add any notes and click 'Next'.
  • If you would like to install the Director at this point, click the link to download the Director software. Click here for instructions on downloading and installing the Director service.
  • If you do not intend to install the Director service at this point, you can click 'Cancel'.  When you are ready to install the Director, see the Installing The InteleGRID Director article.


Configuring an AE title in the InteleGRID

Now that the Director is installed, you will need to configure an AE Title.  The AE Title will need to be configured on Medidata Medical Imaging and added to your PACS/Modality.  To configure an AE Title, follow the instructions below:

  • Navigate to Integration Options and click on Configuration->Integration Options
  • In the PACS & DICOM section of Integration Options 'click here' to add a Receiving AE Title
  • Enter an AE Title name: Please note this AE Title will need to be added to your PACS with the IP address and DICOM port of your Director
  • Chose the Desired Action: Do you want the InteleGRID to create a case for every study pushed from your PACS/Modality, do you want the InteleGRID to lump all studies with matching MRN numbers into one case, or do you want the study to be added to your InteleGRID account which will allow you to manually add the study to an existing InteleGRID case?
  • Access Group- Who will have access to edit this AE Title in the future?
  • Click ‘Save AE’


Configuring an AE Title in the PACS

  • To configure the AE Title in your PACS/Modality you will need to know the AE Title, IP address of where the Director is installed, and DICOM listening port of your Director
  • If you are unsure of how to configure an AE Title on your PACS/Modality, please reach out to your sites IT Team or PACS Administrator.



You have installed the InteleGRID Director service at your facility and have configured your PACS/Modality to push images to the Medidata Medical Imaging platform.  When a study is successfully sent from your facility it will create a case in the InteleGRID.  InteleGRID users at your site and users at the receiving site will have access to these cases, medical images, and any associated data.


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