Active Directory Integration

In order to have an Active Directory, you must have the InteleGRID Director, click this link, follow the instructions, and then come back if you do not currently have the InteleGRID Director installed. 

1)  Click the ‘Configuration’ tab near the top of the page, then click on ‘Integration Options’ on the right.



2)  Then scroll down to the bottom of the page to ‘External Authentication’, click ‘Actions’ on the right, and then click ‘Add ActiveDirectory Auth’ and fill out all the information in the pop-up form, clicking ‘Save’ when you’re done.


3)  Go back to the ‘Configurations’ tab and then scroll down the ‘My Groups’ and click the ‘Goto’ button.



4)  Now find the desired group and click the ‘Actions’ button across from it and click ‘Manage Users’.


5)  Then for the user you want to grant Active Directory permission to, click ‘Actions’ across from the user, and then select ‘Edit User’. In the pop-up, there will be an ‘ActiveDirectory Authentication’ checkbox you can now check to grant the user permission.

NOTE: The user will now log in using their full email address and their Active Directory password, NOT their username and password.


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