InteleSEND Configuration

InteleSEND is a module within your InteleGRID account that allows users to submit medical images and any other associated data using a web browser. Users do not need to have a pre-established user account. This page can be customized with your logo and description as well as with any custom e-forms that are required.

To get started:

1. Login into your InteleGRID account

2. Click on Configuration

3. Click on Initiatives

4. Click on 'Overview' for the appropriate initiative

5. Click on 'Edit Initiative'

Here you will find several options to customize your InteleSEND experience including logos, URL, and descriptions.

To see InteleSEND in action and to learn more about setting it up, click on the below link for a quick video: Watch Video

To learn more about customizing e-forms as part of your InteleSEND process, click here: Go to Electronic Forms Section

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