Creating Forms

1.  To create a form, log into InteleGRID and then click the ‘Configuration’ tab to the top left of the screen. Then click on the orange ‘Goto’ button underneath ‘Initiatives’.


2.  Now scroll down the page until you get to your Initiative, and click the ‘Overview’ button to the right. Then click on the arrow of the ‘Actions’ button on the right top of the page and select ‘Manage Forms’ from the list.


3.  Then click the orange ‘New Form’ button to the top right of the page. Now you will be brought to the ‘Form Editor’ page, and you can scroll down to add and edit the info in the form.


Adding and Editing Fields in the Form 

1.  First, change the title of the form in the ‘Form Description’ box and select the bubble of the desired ‘Form Type’ in the ‘Form Configuration’ section. For more information on 'Form Types' click here.

2.  Next to edit is the ‘Your Form’ section right underneath the ‘Form Configuration’ section on the left. To the right of the ‘Form Configuration’ section is the ‘Field Toolbox’, where you can drag and drop any desired fields into the ‘Your Form’ area in order to build your form. For more information on 'editing the form and fields' click here.

Drag and drop fields from the right by hovering over the little-lined box that is to the left of each field, then click, hold, and drag the field over to the desired position into the ‘Your Form’ section.



A preview of your form can be viewed by scrolling to the bottom of the Form Editor.

  • As you fill out the form, defined variables will be shown as well.
  • This can help you troubleshoot issues with Visibility Conditions and Regular Expressions.
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