Configure a Library

After creating a Library, you will have a chance to configure how and when the Library indexes data and imaging.

To access the Library Configuration page:

  1. Click the 'Configuration' tab
  2. Click 'Goto' under 'Initiatives'
  3. Click 'Overview' on the Initiative you would like to create the Library in
  4. Click 'Actions' > 'Manage InteleGRID Libraries'
  5. Click 'Edit'

Main Sections include:

Image Library Details

Contains controls for Library 'Name', 'Description', 'Access Group' and when Case data is indexed (when it becomes 'searchable').

Selecting the 'Initiative-Based Access' box will allow grant Library access to all Users that have access to the Initiative

DICOM Fields

Add DICOM Fields to make the DICOM values from your imaging studies searchable. Only headers listed here will be indexed.

Fields Overrides

Add Field Overrides to store different values within the image library than what is stored on your case (ex: store Male instead of M).

Results Layout

Adjust how search results are displayed. You can:

  • Mix both static text and variables
  • Variables need to be prefixed by {{caze. (the Z in caze is not a type-o) and end with }}
  • Any value stored on the original case is available as well as DICOM fields you have configured

Submission Sections

Adjust the submission sections below to change what is shown when a submission from your image library is viewed.

See below for a description of Configuration Options

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