Using 'Advanced Filters' to Search an Existing Library

If a Library is has been configured that you have access to, it will appear as a tab called 'Image Library' in between 'Cases' and 'Configuration'.

'Advanced Filters' can be used to search for Cases by responses to specific questions on Forms.

To search a Library with 'Advanced Filters':

  1. Click on the 'Image Library' tab
  2. Select the Library you would like to search (if you have access to multiple Libraries)
  3. Click 'Advanced Filters' under the text field
  4. Select the field you would like to filter by (Questions from your forms will appear here)
  5. Select the filter condition (Exact Phase/All Words/Any Word)
  6. Enter the search criteria (should be contained in responses to the question selected in Step 4)
  7. (Optional) Add additional search criteria by clicking the black '+' button
  8. Click 'Filter'
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