Creating Dynamic Workflow Actions

 You can create worklists and add to worklists based on a set value(s) using Configuration Forms. This value can be set for Participants by the admin or by Initiatives in a ‘Super Initiative’. For example, if you want each Participant of your Initiative to be automatically added into a certain region worklist, you can set each Participant’s account by region.

1)  Click on ‘Configuration’, ‘Goto’ under Initiatives, ‘Overview’ for the desired Initiative, ‘Actions’ and then ‘Manage Forms’. Click the orange ‘New Form’ and select ‘Participant Configuration Form’ as the ‘Form Type’. Under the ‘Your Form’ section you can add as many fields as you need worklists to direct the case to. Click the links for more information on how to Create and Edit forms. When finished, make sure to save the form.

- To set it by Initiative, for a ‘Super Initiative’, select ‘Initiative Configuration Form’ for the ‘Form Type’ instead.





2)  Next is to construct the workflow, in this example, we will just have the Case come into the ‘Start’ worklist after it is submitted by the participant, and then after the task has been marked completed, the case will exit the ‘Start’ worklist and go into its configured worklist. To learn how to create and edit workflows and worklists click herehere, and here

After going to ‘Configuration’, ‘Goto’ under Initiative, ‘Overview’ for the Initiative’, ‘Actions’ then ‘Manage Workflow’, and then ‘Edit’ for the Workflow. Create a New Worklist with the orange ‘New Worklist’ button at the bottom of the page, and call it ‘Reference Pool’. This new worklist will just be used to define the configurations, so there is no need to add actions to every single new worklist created.


3)  Now click the ‘Edit’ button for this new ‘Reference Pool’ worklist. Once on the worklist page, highlight and copy the part of the URL after ‘pools/’ at the end of the URL address as shown below. This will be known as the ‘Reference Pool ID’.


4)  Now close the Worklist and create a new worklist if you do not currently have any other worklists. Go into this worklist by clicking the ‘Edit’ button. Scroll down to either ‘Entry’ or ‘Exit Actions’ (this example will be using an ‘Exit Action’) and select ‘Add Action’.


5)  Click the ‘Create a Worklist’ action. In ‘Worklist Display Name’, type: “ {{itmParticipant.storageField}} “ The subject field is the ‘Storage Name’ in your Configuration Form.

  • for setting an Initiative for a ‘Super Initiative’, which means you are using an ‘Initiative Configuration Form’, instead type: “{{itmConfigForm.storageField}}".

For the ‘Worklist’ field select ‘Enter Dynamic Worklist Name’, and enter the same as in the ‘Worklist Display Name’. Then for ‘Reference Pool ID’, put the section of the URL you copied from the ‘Reference Pool’ worklist above.



6)  Now save the ‘Create a Worklist’ action. And click ‘Add Action’ again and select the ‘Add to Worklist’ action. In Target Worklist, select ‘Enter Dynamic Worklist Name’, and type in the same as you did in the ‘Worklist’ field for ‘Create a Worklist’,( {{itmParticipant.storageField}} ). Then save the action, and then save the worklist and the workflow.

7)  You can now set the ‘Region’ (or your value) per participant by going to: ‘Configuration’, ‘Goto’ under Initiatives, ‘Overview’ for the Initiative, then ‘Actions’ and ‘Manage Participants’. You can click ‘Invite’ to add Participants to your Initiative (for more information click here). After your participant has been invited and accepted the invitation, you can click the ‘More’ button across from the participant, and Click ‘Edit’. In the pop-up, you will see the participant’s information, and there will be the field(s) you added on your ‘Participant Configuration Form’ at the bottom. Here you can type in and set the value for the participant that you want a worklist to be created for and the user added to.

*Note: Multiple worklists will NOT be created if different participants have the same value, once a worklist is created for the value, future cases set with the same value will just be added to the already existing worklist.*



For ‘Initiative Configuration Forms’ for ‘Super Initiatives’, the values will be set under ‘Overview’ for the Initiative, in ‘Edit Initiative’ at the very bottom under the ‘Custom Values’ section. As such:



8)  Now when you run a case through the workflow the following will happen.




The participant has submitted a case:

After the case has exited the ‘Start’ worklist, and the ‘Exit Actions’ have been performed, there is now a new worklist created called, ‘West’ as seen set above in step 7 and the Case has also been added to that worklist.



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