Adding and Modifying Alerts and Notifications

Types of Alerts You Can Receive:

  • Case Received - A new case has been sent to your group. 
  • Case Created - A new case has been created and your group has access.
  • New Study - A new study has been added to a case your group has access to.
  • The InteleGRID Director Is Not Connecting - The InteleGRID Director has not checked in with our servers in an expected time frame.
  • The InteleGRID Director Has Low Disk Space - The InteleGRID Director is low on disk space used for temporary data storage (during transfers).
  • Case Mapping Needed - A case from a new recipient was sent directly to you. You need to select which group to associate the case with.


1.  Go to the ‘Configurations’ tab and then click on the orange ‘Go-to’ button under ‘Alerts & Notifications’.


2.  If you want to add an alert for a certain action, click the orange ‘Add Alert’ button the right, then select the type of alert, making sure your contact information is right and then clicking the orange ‘Save’ button.


3.  In order to remove and alert, go the right side of the desired contact you no longer want to receive the alerts, then click the ‘Actions’ button using the drop-down arrow, and click ‘Remove Alert’.

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