Preview Images in the Quick Glance Viewer

The Quick Glance Viewer is available to perform a basic review of images.  It is not intended for diagnostic purposes.

To launch images in the Quick Glance Viewer:

1. Click the 'Preview' link for the exam you would like to view.

2. The Quick Glance Viewer will launch and display the images.

The Quick Glance Viewer has several basic features.

a. Select the series or clip from the thumbnails at the bottom of the page.

b. Use the 'Pan' option  to move the image around.

c. Use the 'Zoom'  option to zoom in or out of the image.

d. Use the 'Contrast'  option to perform basic contrast adjustments.

e. Use the 'Export'  option to export images to JPEG or MPEG.

f. Use the 'Download'  option to download the DICOM exam.

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