InteleGRID Workflow

The InteleGRID Workflow is a system for cases and their forms to flow in a certain order. A workflow contains worklists, and each worklist contains step(s) for the cases and their attachments to flow in. Different entry and exit actions can even be added to these worklists for certain commands to be executed.

1.  First, to access the workflows, click on “Initiatives”, then scroll down to your initiative and click the “Overview” button, and then go to the right “Actions” button and hover down to click on “Manage Workflow”.



2.   If there are currently no workflows and you want to add a new one, click the orange “New Workflow” button on the right side. Then fill out any information for the new workflow.



After you have a Workflow created, you can now click the Edit button located to the right across from your desired Workflow.

3.  After clicking on your workflow, if there are currently no worklists, or if you want to add a new worklist scroll down and click on the orange “New Worklist” button in the bottom right-hand corner, fill out what you want your worklist to be named, and then click the “Save” button.



4.  Now that are you in the worklist, you can scroll down through and change settings and actions on the worklist. One important task is assigning forms to particular worklists, so that in a certain step/worklist in the Workflow, a form will be filled out for whoever is viewing that step. So if you want to attach a form to the workflow, scroll down until you find the “Associate Form” button on the right side. Then click on the form you want to show up during that worklist in the workflow.



5.  Next, and most importantly, in order to save everything, you must save the Worklist and the Workflow. Click on each of the orange “Save” buttons in the top right of the Worklist as shown below: 

  • Next, click the red “Close” button, and then you should be brought back to the Workflow that your Worklist is in. 

  • Click the drop down arrow, for “First Worklist” and select your desired Worklist, the end result shall look like below.

  • After you must save the Workflow, by clicking the orange “Save” button in the top right corner.


6.  Now when you click on the “Cases” tab, you will see the Worklists appear to the left of the screen. You can click on the Worklist, which will create a colored bar on the side of it to just see all of the cases currently in that Worklist.





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