Editing the Case's View Columns

1.  To change the columns in the ‘Cases’ tab view , click the wrench to the right of the column headers.


2.  Here you can see all the header columns’ names and the ‘Field Names’ that hold the variables. To remove any of the headers click the red X to the right of the header, and then to move the organization of the header, click and drag the three bars to the left of the header.


3.  To add a field, click the box under ‘Add a field’. This will bring up all the storage fields in all of your forms for you to select from.   If you cannot find the field, or want to change the name of the ‘Description’ (what the column will be named), you can select ‘Other’ from the menu and then enter the ‘Field Name’ and ‘Description’ manually.


4.  You can change the column headers for when all cases are being viewed by going to ‘Configuration’, ‘Initiatives’, click ‘Overview’ for your initiative, click ‘Actions’, and then ‘Edit Initiative’. And then click the ‘Customize Case Fields’ button under ‘Initiative Details’ and change the column headers the same way as above.

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