Creating & Editing an Initiative

Creating an Initiative:

Your account comes pre-configured with a general image sharing initiative and you are able to add other types. These instructions below describe how to create an initiative from scratch.

1)  Login to InteleGRID, click on the ‘Configuration’ tab and click the ‘Goto’ button under ‘Initiatives’.

2)  Click ‘Add an Initiative’ and select one of the initiative types. See below for descriptions of the various imitative types: 

i)  General & Advanced Image Exchange:  These initiatives allow you to securely and compliantly exchange medical images and associated data with anyone, from anywhere, at any time. Key features include web-based uploads, integration with your PACS or modalities, zero-footprint viewing tools, a mobile app for iOS and Android devices, as well as flexible image sharing capabilities.

ii)  Tele-Stroke Exchange & Emergency Medicine:  These initiatives provides an integrated mobile and desktop solution to manage all medical image collaboration as well as live video patient assessments. Key features include fast and efficient exchange of medical imaging, mobile and desktop image assessment tools, live video streaming, structured forms and advanced workflow. 

iii)  Tumor Board: This initiative provides a single secure and compliant portal to manage all of your tumor board and other collaborative consult activities. Key features include a structured study request processes including electronic forms and image submission, integration to internal PACS, remote review capabilities ensuring all users are able to participate, and case sharing functionality enabling ad hoc invitations to be sent to specialists and outside members. 

iv)  Vendor Collaboration:  This initiative provides an efficient and compliant process for providing access to medical images for your outside vendors including medical device representatives and research organizations. Key features include mobile access to images, secure and compliant photo sharing, advanced viewing applications, and more. 

v)  Dermatology Consultation:  This initiative provides secure and compliant photo upload capability via your desktop web browser and mobile app. Key features include a public URL for non-registered users to submit consultations, advanced forms, and workflow to structure incoming data and mobile app image viewing.

NOTE: this initiative does NOT include the transmission of DICOM images.


3)  Next, you will be asked to name your new initiative and designate a ‘Management Group’ and an ‘Access Group.’ Your account is pre-configured with one group; however, you can make additional groups at this time if necessary.

i)  Management Group:  This is the group of users that can manage the configuration of the Initiative. 

ii)  Access Group: This is the group of users within that has Access to all Cases and data submitted to the Initiative.


Editing an Initiative:

1)  Click the ‘Configuration’ tab, then ‘Goto’ under Initiatives, and then the ‘Overview’ button. This page displays Initiative activity as well as participant and case statistics.

2)  Clicking on the ‘Actions’ drop down will give you the following options:

i)  Manage Participants: allows you to invite outside users to send images and data to the Initiative (see Section 7 of this document for more details). 

ii)  Manage Forms:  configure custom forms for case submission and workflow steps (explained below).

iii)  Edit Initiative:  allows you to configure basic initiative settings (explained below).

iv)  Billing Plan Details:  manage your subscription plan.

v)  View Usage:  view and export all initiative activity. 

vi)  Delete Initiative:  remove unwanted initiatives.

3)  On the Initiative Overview page, click on the ‘Edit Initiative’ button in the ‘Actions’ menu to configure the following:

i)  Initiative Details:  This is where the name and description of your Initiative are defined in addition to where you can customize email templates and configure an ‘InteleSEND’ page, a unique URL that allows you to receive medical images from users even if they do not have a Medidata Medical Imaging account. 

ii)  Initiative Groups:  Groups define which users can manage the Initiative and which users have access to all Cases and data submitted to the Initiative. 

iii)  Logos:  Here you can define a custom logo for your initiative. The ‘Badge’ logo appears on the mobile app. 

iv)  Files: Documents and other files such as images and videos can be uploaded and accessed by Initiative Participants. 

v)  Case Sections:  Here you can customize the fields that are visible in a Case. 

4)  Back on the Initiative Overview page, click on the ‘Manage Forms’ button in the ‘Actions’ menu to configure forms. The ‘Case Create’ form is presented to users when submitting medical images. Click the ‘Edit’ button and follow on screen instructions regarding dragging and dropping field elements to customize your form. Be sure to save your form after editing!

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