Creating a Director Node

To create an inteleGRID Director node:

1. Log into InteleGRID at

2. Click on 'Configuration'->'Integration Options'

3. In the Director section, click 'Actions'->'Install a Director'


4. Give the InteleGRID Director a name, set the group who can manage the Director, describe the Director and click 'Next'.

5. Set the port which you would like to use for internal DICOM transfers.  Add any notes and click 'Next'.

6. If you would like to install the InteleGRID Director at this point, click the link to install the InteleGRID Director software.  You may then proceed to Step 4 to complete the installation.

NOTE: If you do not intend to install the InteleGRID Director service at this point, you can click 'Cancel'. When you are ready to install the InteleGRID Director, see the linked article above.

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