Managing Users' Access

1.  Users can be part of different groups that can have different levels of access to cases and worklists in an initiative.

2.  Follow the directions in the ‘Managing Groups’ Zendesk section to refer how to add/remove users to these groups.

3.  To change to access a user/group has to a certain worklist, click the ‘Configuration’ tab, click the orange ‘Go-to’ button under ‘Initiatives’ and then the ‘Overview’ button for the initiative on the right-hand side. Next, click the arrow next to ‘Actions’ and hover down to click on ‘Manage Workflow’ in the list. Now click the ‘Edit’ button for the Workflow the worklist is in, then scroll down to again click the ‘Edit’ button for the Worklist.

 4.  Now you should see ‘Management Group’ and ‘Access Group’ as seen below in the screenshot. The ‘Management Group’ is those who have access to edit the Worklist, while the ‘Access Group’ is those who can only access the worklist to complete it.


5.  To change either group, click the arrow next to the current group listed to get a drop down of available groups, to create a new group click ‘Create a New Group' from the list.


6.  Next, type in whatever name you want your new group to be called, keep in mind the user you are currently be logged in as will be the only user in the group once it is created. Click the ‘Create the Group’ button to create the group.


7.  Now you will be able to select this new group, to change as either the ‘Management Group’ or the ‘Access Group’.


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