Cases View

You can customize the fields shown in the Cases tab. Access the field configuration by clicking on the gray wrench.


Note: If you have multiple worklists selected you cannot configure visible field and the wrench will be invisible. Select a single worklist at a time to configure per-worklist fields.


  • Move/change the order of the fields by clicking and dragging on the icon highlighted by arrow (1)
  • Remove a field by clicking on the red x highlighted by arrow (2)
  • Add a field by clicking on the field selection under arrow (3). If you don't see the field you want to add select 'Other'. You will be asked for the field name, field description, and field type. If you aren't sure of the field type leave it as 'Text'
  • Go back to the 'default' values provided by the system by clicking the 'Use Defaults' button under arrow (4)



You can also use a calculated value. To so, select 'Other' from the 'Add a Field' dropdown. In the field name provide a template, example: {{caze.studyList.length}}, set your description (example: Studies or Study Count), and finally select the 'Calculated' type.

Now, you can see the number of studies per case as a column:


Per Initiative and Worklist Defaults

If you are managing an initiative or worklist you can also set the defaults users of your initiative or worklist see.



Initiative Configuration 

From the 'Edit an Initiative' screen, click 'Customize Case Fields'




Worklist Configuration

From the 'Worklist Edit' screen, click 'Customize Worklist Fields'



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