Worklist Entry and Exit Actions

Worklist Entry and Exit Actions allow you to define what happens when a new case is added to a Worklist (Entry Action) by a pre-configured workflow, or by a manual entry to a Worklist, as well as what occurs when a task is removed from a Worklist (Exit Action) by completing the task.

  1. Click on 'Configuration’, click on 'Initiatives', click on 'Overview' for the appropriate initiative, click on 'Manage Workflow' from the drop-down menu, and click on 'Edit' for the configured workflow.
  2. Scroll to the bottom and click 'Edit' for the worklist that you would like to configure an entry action for.
  3. Click 'Add' in the Entry Actions section or Exit Actions section.


     4. Select the appropriate Entry/Exit Action process:

  • Add DICOM Tags to Case - Pulls specific DICOM tags from all studies and stores the values in the case. Values can be used in forms or in workflow decisions.
  • Add to Worklist - Adds the case to another worklist of your choice.
  • Create a PDF - Generates a PDF file based on a PDF template and the case data.
  • Create a Worklist - Creates a new worklist, initiative manager/access groups are used.
  • DICOM Modifications to Studies - Applies a set of DICOM tag modifications to the studies on the case. Data values stored in the case can be used.
  • Download to a Director - Queues the studies on the case to be downloaded to the Medidata Medical Imaging Director. Studies can also be pushed to a PACS/Modality via the Director via this action.
  • HTTP Push Notification - Connects to an HTTP server and submits an HTTP POST to notify another system of the current state. The case_uid, task_uid, and pool_uid are included in the URI as parameters. Note: task_id may not be provided in all situations.
  • Halt Processing - Stop processing actions, do not enter or exit 
  • Halt on Existing Task - Check a target pool for an existing task. If the task exists with a specific status processing will stop.
  • Remove From Worklist - Removes all tasks from a worklist that were created during this workflow.
  • Retrieve Key Images - Grabs key images from the PACS and stores them on the case and within the study.
  • Send HL7 Message - Send Outbound HL7 Message.
  • Send Studies to PACS - Studies attached to the case will be queued for send to PACS. Your initiative must have PACS support enabled, otherwise no action will be taken.
  • Send an Email - Sends an email to an email address. Data values on the case can be used to define who the email goes to and/or the email contents.
  • Set Case Values - Sets the values of one or more fields in your case.
  • Submit to Image Library - Submits the case data to an Image Library for full search capabilities.
  • Wait on Task - Wait for a task in another worklist to complete. Combine multiple "Wait on Task" actions to wait on multiple worklist tasks.


    5.  Fill out the fields for the action, click the ‘Run based on conditions’ section if any conditions need to be met in order for the action to run (click here and here for more information on conditions in actions), and then click the ‘Save’ button for the action. Make sure to also save the worklist and then the workflow.

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