Advanced: Typeahead Field

The Type-ahead Field allows whoever is filling out the form to type a certain word or phrase into the field, and then other fields in the form will be filled out automatically pertaining to that phrase. This is set by assigning certain values to fields in the ‘Data Table’ section of the InteleGRID.

1)  Click on the ‘Configuration’ tab, go to ‘Initiatives’, click ‘Overview’ for the Initiative, click the ‘Actions’ button and then click ‘Manage Data Tables’.



2)  Now click the ‘New Data Table’ button to create a data table to store values.


3)  Fill out the ‘Data Table Name’ – you will reference this data table name in the Typeahead field. After saving, now you can click the ‘Edit’ button across from the new Data Table name.


4)  In the ‘Text’ section, input the phrase/word that will by typed into the Typeahead field to bring up the rest of the values. In the ‘JSON’ section, type code in the following format in order to connect new values to their corresponding subject field:

  {“subjectField” : “New Value” , “subjectField2” : “New Value 2”}

Then when finished click the ‘Add’ button to the right to save these values and now you will see this data moved to above the ‘Add Data Table Value’ section.

  • These values can also in imported from an Excel sheet by clicking the ‘Import Data’ button and uploading the file.

The format of the excel sheet should look something like this:

With the header of the first column being ‘Text’ and then the following column headers are the subject fields of the variables, with their new values in their respected column.

If the sheet is in the correct format, then the sheet will be automatically put into JSON format upon import.


5)  Now after all your desired ‘Text’ values are configured, click again on the ‘Configuration’ tab, click ‘Overview’ for the Initiative, go to ‘Initiatives’, click the ‘Actions’ button and then click ‘Manage Forms’.


6)  Select or Create a Form you want the Typeahead Field to be in. Click these links to see how to create and edit forms. 


7)  Scroll down to the ‘Field Toolbox’ and select the ‘Advanced’ tab to the right, and drag in a ‘Typeahead’ field if there is not one currently in the form.


8)  Now click the pencil icon to edit the typeahead field. Name a ‘Storage Field’ and ‘Field Label’ like normal. Now in the ‘Data Table’ section of the field is where you insert your Data Table name, which holds the text values that will trigger the typeahead field. Make sure to save this field and then save the form when finished.


9) Now when you fill out the form for a case this is what will now happen:


The new values will now show up :




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