Control When Cases are Added to Libraries with Workflows

You can control what kind of cases are added to a Library and when they are added by using Workflows. 'Submit to Image Library' is an 'Action' item that can be added to the 'Entry Actions' or 'Exit Actions' of a Worklist.

To add Library submission to a Workflow:

  1. Click the 'Configuration' tab
  2. Click 'Goto' under 'Initiatives'
  3. Click 'Overview' on the Initiative you would like to create the Library in
  4. Click 'Actions' > 'Manage Workflow'
  5. Click 'Edit' on the desired Workflow
  6. Click 'Edit' on the desired Worklist or create a new Worklist
  7. Click 'Add Action' in the 'Entry Actions' or 'Exit Actions' section
  8. Choose the 'Submit to Image Library' Action
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