Advanced: Form Flow Control

If you have multiple forms on your InteleSEND account you may want to skip forms based on data entered by the user. You can use the form control data element to do so.

Below is an example form. Let's assume if the user selects the 'Male' option we will skip to the end which will create the case:



You'll notice we have added a Value Watcher (Link Here). Edit the Value Watcher and set your value field to 'male'.

When 'male' is selected as a checkbox the value will be 'true', so add that as a Value Check; otherwise, we will go to the next form.

Here is the JSON data for the form control options:

  • Go to the end JSON:
  • Go to the nextForm JSON:
  • Go to a form by internal name JSON:

Note: you can get the internal name by clicking 'Advanced Configuration' in the form editor

In this example, when 'male' is selected the Value Watcher will set the form control value to make the 'next form' the finish (create case), otherwise we will go to the next form. 


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