Using InteleSEND to Submit a Case

InteleSEND is a module within the InteleGRID that provides your Initiative with a secure web page for the submission of medical images and healthcare data. Anyone can submit data to your Initiative using InteleSEND, even if they are not a registered user of the InteleGRID.

  1. Insert the CD or USB device containing the medical images into your computer. Alternatively, you can scan the computer’s hard drive or network drive to locate images manually.
  2. Browse to the InteleSEND website as provided by the host of the initiative. 
  3. Enter your email address to continue.  

    Note: No password is required unless you already have an InteleGRID account 

  4. The InteleSEND control will automatically scan your CD drive or USB device and display a list of available DICOM studies. If the images you would like to send are on your computer or local network, you will have the option to specify the file location. Select the appropriate study or studies to submit and click ‘Send Images Now’.

  5. Complete the form that appears after image selection. This form has been configured by the host of the initiative to collect additional case data. 
  6. Click ‘Continue’ to submit the case. 
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