Aortic Rupture Program - Getting Started

The Medtronic Rupture program provides a secure and compliant platform for you to acquire mission critical medical images from hospitals you invite to participate in your program. This exciting initiative allows sites to submit medical images directly from their PACS or modality, in which your team will have immediate access. Access to the medical images is provided through mobile applications, desktop applications (Mac and Windows), as well as within your own PACS.

Getting Started

Getting started is simple and should not require a significant time investment from you or your IT staff.

1. Add you IT staff to your access group. This will allow them to log in to perform the installation steps outlined in step 2 below.

Click the  link to learn how to add your IT staff to your group: Managing Groups

2. Install the InteleGRID Director. This software application will allow incoming images to be pushed directly to your internal PACS. This should be installed on a server (virtual or physical) or workstation that meets the minimum system requirements. This step should be performed by a member of IT, per the previous step.

Click the link to learn how to install the InteleGRID Director.

3. Identify the workstations that will be used to view the incoming medical images. An Advanced PACS application will need to be installed on these workstations. Support for both Mac and Windows is available.

To install the PACS viewer, click HERE from the PC that you would like to install the PACS viewer on.

4. Watch the training video to learn how to utilize the platform.

To watch the video, click HERE.


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