InteleGRID Mobile Application

The free InteleGRID app is available for both iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android (Phones/Tablets) in the iTunes and Google Play stores respectively. The app gives you full access to all Case data and images on your mobile device in real time. It also allows you to share Cases with anyone and start other initiative workflows of which you are a member.

1) Accessing Cases

i)  Click Download the ‘InteleGRID 4.0’ app from either the Apple iTunes Store (iOS) or from the Google Play Store (Android).

ii)  Launch the mobile app and login with the same credentials you use for the website. You will have the opportunity to set up a four digit PIN to access you account without typing in your full email address if desired.


iii)  Tap ‘Goto Cases >’ at the bottom of the screen.


iv)  Tap the desired case to view forms, images, and comments.

2) Viewing Images

i)  Tap the image thumbnail in the ‘Medical Images’ section.

ii)  Tap the desired series.

iii)  Clicking on the four different tools will manipulate images as follows:

Scroll > drag finger up and down to scroll through image set

Pan > press, hold and drag image to move

Brightness/Contrast >drag up/down to adjust brightness, left/right for contrast

Rotate > two-finger spin clockwise or counterclockwise


NOTES:Zoom works in all four modes listed above with a two-finger pinch (zoom in) or two-finger separation (zoom out).

A green progress bar will display the image loading progress then disappear once all images for that series are loaded.


3) Sharing Cases

i)  From the Case Detail screen, click on ‘Share’.

ii)  On the following screen, choose which type of share method you’d like to execute.

iii)  If ‘Contact or Email Address’ was selected, choose an existing contact from your mobile device’s contact list or directly enter an email address.  Then click ‘Share’.

iv)  If you’d like to share with another InteleGRID Initiative or with another registered InteleGRID user, click on ‘Your GRID’ and select the appropriate destination.

v)  If you’d like to share with a hospital, click the ‘Nearby’ or ‘Everywhere’ tabs and search for the appropriate hospital. 

vi)  Once the hospital has been selected, you will be prompted to enter the contract information for the individual with whom you are sharing the images. Then click ‘Share’.


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